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Method CRM for QuickBooks®
QuickBooks® is a powerful accounting software that can automate many processes such as estimates, purchase orders, invoicing, managing and pay bills, process credit card payments, and run payroll.  But setting up remote users, making company information available in the field, or integrating QuickBooks® with other business processes such as sales force management is a complex challenge.  Method CRM makes this easier to implement quickly and cost effectively.  With many QuickBooks®-similar screens and functionality, user training is reduced.  Plus you get more functionality such as sales force management, field services, mobile access, business process control, unlimited number of users, customer and vendor portals, and extreme customization to meet your business processes.
Do You Need a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Solution?


Take a look at this brief video to see how using a powerful CRM can make a difference in not only getting new customers but also retaining them.



What Does Method CRM Provide?

Real-time QuickBooks® Sync using Method PushTM

Method uses its patent-pending sync technology to miror your QuickBooks® data onto the web. Virtually everything syncs back and forth, including customers, vendors, employees, invoices, sales orders, time tracking, purchase orders, and much more. 

Manage Processes Through Customization

No two businesses are identical. Configure your system to match your business methods. Every screen and process in Method CRM is designed using the same drag and drop tools that are available to you as a user. 


Use Method CRM for Contact Management with integration for Outlook, Gmail, SmartVault and even your web site or web-based application!

Track phone calls, emails, and appointments for contacts and leads. Sync with QuickBooks® customers and vendors, Outlook emails and appointments, and share your data using web forms and portals on your web site. If you use Gmail instead of Outlook, no problem . . . there's an app for that!

Add Industry Apps that Talk to Each Other!

Method CRM Pro allows you to import Method-branded apps, such as Method Field Services, Method Expense Reporting, Method Professional Services for QuickBooks desktop editions and Method Scheduling & Invoicing for QuickBooks® Online.




Manage Your Sales Force, Partners and Office

Manage and share tasks, documents and processes with staff and partners. Create and share marketing campaigns and sales opportunities. Close deals and convert them into QuickBooks® invoices. Use dashboards to determine who your best customers are, best staff are, and who is falling between the cracks.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access QuickBooks®, CRM and industry-specific data from a web browser or a web-enabled mobile device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only need QuickBooks installed on a minimum of 1 computer or 1 user license for QuickBooks Online, yet unlimited number of users can access your company information through Method CRM!



Explore Method CRM Now


Joan Shumaker, our Certified Method Consultant,  will be glad to provide a 1-hour, complimentary assessment to determine if Method CRM is the best fit for your needs.

  • Contact us to discuss how Method CRM can meet your needs
  • Take it on a test drive with a no-obligation 30-day trial
  • Start sketching your business processes and screens
  • Collaborate with us to implement your new integrated system


What does Method CRM cost? 


Only$25 to $40 per user!  So start exploring Method CRM now to see how it can better manage your business needs.  Contact us to get started!