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Small Business Information
General Small Business Information
Programs and resources to help you start and grow a successful small business, including locating a local Small Business Development Center.

Free online small business courses. Most courses are 30 minutes in length. Course areas include: Starting a Business, Business Planning, Business Management, Financing & Accounting, Marketing & Advertising, Government Contracting, Comptuer Security, E-Commerce, International Trade, and Small Business Retirement.

Incorporate your business, file a form LLC, protect your ideas with trademarks & copyrights, and more!
Taxes and Payroll Information
Print, view online, or install the IRS CalendarConnector for current tax year.

Internal Revenue Service


IRS Forms and Publications


Electronically File 1099-MISC Forms


Intuit 1099-MISC e-File Service


This online service works with or without QuickBooks software.  The service starts at $14.99 and includes creation and e-filing of up to three 1099-MISC forms. After three forms, the price is $3.99 for each additional form. If you have more than 20 forms, we'll include them at no additional charge. (In early January, QuickBooks offers an early bird discount starting at $12.99 for the first three forms and $2.99 for each additional form.)  Use the link below to get started!  The service is available from January through April.


Intuit 1099 e-file service


track1099 - Secure, Online 1099-MISC e-file and e-delivery service


This is a great service if you only have a few 1099 vendors or you want to go paperless.  You can manually enter 1099 information or import from a CSV (text file with information separated by commas--can easily create using spreadsheet software),, INTACCT or RealPage.  You can manage a single company or multiple companies.  With this service you can securely send 1099 to your vendors by email or print and mail forms.  When you send my email, you will receive notifications when the form is received by the recipient.  Depending on the number of forms you need to file, the price is from $3.99 to $0.59 each.


track1099 e-file and e-delivery service

Calculate single paycheck


If you don't subscribe to a payroll service and need to manually calculate a payroll check, use this handy calculator.  If you are interested in other "do-it-yourself" payroll options, please give us a call at 770-551-0571.


Free Salary Paycheck Calculator

State of Georgia - Payroll Tax and Wage Reports, Applications, and Other Forms


Georgia Department of Labor


Application for a Georgia Department of Labor Account, status form change, online filing applications, electronic filing, and more.


Georgia Department of Labor Tax and Wage Information or to e-file DOL-4



Georgia Department of Revenue


State of Georgia Business and Personal Tax Forms


Georgia State Tax Registration Application


Georgia State Tax Center 

Sales Tax and Address Lookup Information

Free Sales Tax Calculator


Register to use this free sales tax calculator from Avalara.  Limited to 50 address lookups per month.  Avalara also has a paid service that integrates with QuickBooks to provide correct sales calculations and can electronically file state sales tax returns.  If you are interested in knowing more, please give us a call at 770-551-0571.


Avalara's Free Sales Tax Rate Calculator


Determining Sales Tax for Atlanta, GA


As of 2004, addresses within the city limits of Atlanta are subject to 1% municipal options sales tax, increasing the combined sales tax rate from 7% to 8%.  Use the following site to enter an address to determine whether or not it is inside or or outside of the Atlanta city limits. NOTE: Sometimes their locator tool is non-responsive due to online traffic to their server.


City of Atlanta Municipal Option Sales Tax Address Verification Lookup


United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup


Need to find a zip code?  Not only find the correct 5 and 9-digit zip code, but also verify correct address and county information.


USPS Zip Code Lookup