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Help Online Remote Services
You can now request remote assistance.  Our secure, one-time-only connection will allow us to view and control your computer to assist you with most computer software tasks.  We will also talk with you on the telephone to guide you through the session. You will be able to continue to control your PC as well as see anything that we do.  We'll take turns, of course! We support both Windows and Mac computers.
Call for our current rates.  New customers are required to provide credit card payment information prior to their initial remote session.
Schedule Help Online Session
To schedule a support session, please Computer Training Resources Inc. at 770.551.0571 or send us an email request by completing our Contact Us form.

Help Online Connection Form
Ready to begin your remote session?

Schedule a remote session by calling 770-551-0571 or sending us an email via our Contact Us form.


When you are ready to begin your session, complete the connection form below and then click the "Connect Now!" button. 


LogMeIn Rescue (the service we use) will prompt you to run or save a couple of small programs. These program will uninstall at the end of your support session. Click on "Run" each time you see the prompt. 


If your firewall or virus program requests your permission for LogMeIn Rescue, click "Allow" or "Unblock".


After we see your connection, we will click a button requesting your permission to remotely control your computer. Click on the "Yes" button and we are ready to begin!